Seven Senses owner Jay Albrecht announced today that the full-service restaurant continues to operate at near capacity but with a continued strong emphasis on employee and guest health.

“Now that state guidelines have mostly been lifted on restaurants like ours, we still feel the need to go above and beyond in practicing health and safety standards that benefit everyone,” said Albrecht. “We continue to sanitize all public touch surfaces on a regular basis, including our menus and other commonly used items. We also continue to provide single-use condiments to our guests, despite the extra cost and inconvenience in doing so.”

Albrecht has decided to keep the operating hours at Seven Senses reduced for some time longer.

“We’ve decided to not reopen on Mondays until at least after the holiday season has passed and we have a better idea of what our COVID situation looks like,” said Albrecht. “It’s one less day we bring our staff together, which has to be a good thing right now. We’re also not staying open as late at night as before to keep guests from congregating too much in purely social situations, and possibly letting their guard down.”

Seven Senses remains open Tuesday-Saturday for lunch and dinner. The restaurant’s kitchen is open until 9 p.m. Tuesday-Thursday and 10 p.m. Friday-Saturday. Guests may go to to see a lunch/dinner menu and daily specials.